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               7. What are the benefits of Abacus?

                    During         abacus        practice,

                      while         children         make

                      calculations manipulating the
                      beads  with  their  fingers,

                      through  the  coordination  of

                      sense  of  touch,  the  eye  and
                      the  brain,  formation  of

                      synaptic  connections  occur


                    The  increase  in  synaptic
                      connections means enrichment

                      of  communication  networks

                      among  neurons.  And  this

                      strengthens  brain  plasticity

                      which  means  the  adaptation
                      ability  of  brain  to  new


                    This  whole  development

                      process  basically  brings  a
                      remarkable increase in the

                      child's  mental  capacity,

                      perception  and  learning
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