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               12. Some Sample Videos

                   On  these  pages,  you  will  have  a  glimpse  of  some

                   amazing arithmetic performances of Menar students.

                   Some of them are live shows on TV studios. Some are

                   home-made  videos  and  some  recorded  at  Menar


                   1.  Not  Distracted:  The  two  videos  here  both  display

                       concentration that cannot be distracted.

                       In  the  first  one,  Eren  (8)  is

                       adding  30  random  single-digit

                       positive numbers flashing on the

                       screen  with  a  speed  of  600

                       milliseconds while the speaker is

                       trying  to  distract  him  with


                   2.  Two  Tasks  at  the  Same  Time:

                       You can click the image to watch

                       a  video  of  9-year-old  Gamze

                       who is adding random numbers
                       flashing  on  the  screen  while

                       doing  rhythmic  counting  with
                       nines and sevens.
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