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               4. How much of our brain are we using?

                    Scientists  believe  that  human  brain  has  a  much  bigger
                      potential capacity than that is actually used.

                    Very  few  people  can  utilize  the  immense  visual  memory
                      capacity that resides in the right brain.

                    Our  goal  should  be  to  develop  our  right  brain  and  use  both
                      hemispheres in a balanced manner?

                    But, is there a practical and concrete method that we can use to

                      develop our brain?

                    Yes,  there  is,  the  program  of  our  modern  age  that  creates
                      miraculous results developing extraordinary calculation skills
                      in children. That is Menar Mental Arithmetic program based

                      on Abacus, the first computer man invented about 3 thousand
                      years ago.
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