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               10. What can Menar Students do?

                       Menar  students  build  a  remarkable  arithmetic

                         skill. They can make all types of calculations

                         mentally  with  unbelievable  speed  and

                         accuracy. What is more, it is nearly impossible

                         to distract and confuse them during calculation.

                         You  can  click  the  image  on

                         the right to watch a 7-year-old

                         Menar student, Ekin mentally

                         adding 15 three-digit numbers

                         flashing  on the screen  with a

                         speed of 500 milliseconds.

                       Menarists               can         calculate

                         verbally asked numbers on the

                         spot.  They  can  give  you  the

                         answer the moment they hear

                         the numbers.

                       An  average  person  cannot

                         calculate as fast as a Menarist,

                         even  with  a  calculator.  You

                         can  click  on  the  images  for

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