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               8. What’s Mental Arithmetic?

                     Mental  Arithmetic,  is  the  second  basic  element  of

                       Abacus  Mental  Arithmetic  system,  which  is  a  brain

                       development  program  designed  by  Menar  for  young


                     The program starts with the learning

                       of  abacus  and  its  use  in  arithmetic

                       calculations.  Through  intensive  practice  with  abacus,

                       students learn to visualize the in their mind. After this

                       point,  they  don’t  need  to  use  the  physical  tool  itself,

                       but  they  use  the  imaginary  abacus  in  their  mind.

                       While  moving  their  hands  and  fingers,  they  are

                       actually moving the unseen beads of

                       this  imaginary  abacus.  This  way,

                       students          can         make          mental

                       calculations extremely fast.

                     Briefly  speaking,  mental  arithmetic  is  an  arithmetic

                       method through which calculations are made purely by

                       brain  power,  without  using  any  tool  like  computer,

                       calculator, pen, pencil or paper.
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