What's Genius?

Every child is an invaluable gem stone.

Every child is born with a potential genius in their brain. All it takes is conscious effort to explore and shape it up.

Characteristics of human brain

Our brain is the center of all our processes of perception, thinking, communication, and behaviour. It consists of left and right hemispheres. The left brain controls the right side of our body and the right brain controls the left side. The Left brain, where language centers are located is called academic brain.The right brain is known as the artistic brain. Both brains manage all our activities in coordination.

Scientists believe that our brain has a much bigger potential power than actually used. It is claimed that there is a huge potential in every child's brain. This is like some kind of hidden reserve. If it is not explored and cultivated, it remains unused and eventually disappears. Exploration and cultivation means the discovery and development of the genius.

Education in schools is left brain oriented. For this reason, it is suggested that programs, activities, tools and materials that are directed to develop the right brain that has a holistic approach, be designed in order to have a more balanced development of both brains.

It is known that children who join extracurricular activities in addition to school work show more balanced and fast mental development. The most favorable of all the methods that cultivate the potential of the right brain is Abacus Mental Arithmetic program.

Abacus Mental Aritmetik Program, in addition to contributing to children's brain development, creates a very special mathematical skill in them. Children who have taken Menar Abacus Mental Arithmetic Program can solve all sorts of multi-number arithmetic problems accurately in seconds using nothing but their brains. This skill means foundation of a strong mathematical base.

Children find themselves in a race and go through various tests and examinations throughout their academic lives. It goes without saying that children who have acquired mental arithmetic skill have a great advantage over others in those examinations. Children who have taken Menar mental arithmetic program build a strong self esteem and confidence in addition to the general increase in their academic performance and improvement in their memory, attention and concentration skills.

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