Teacher Training Certificate Program

Menar presents a very powerful and comprehensive Teacher Certificate Program.

Teachers' training is a five-day program. On the sixth day, participants make their presentations, and upon being successful, get their certificates.

Who can participate in Menar's Certificate Program?
  • Entrepreneurs, business people or teachers who signed a franchise contract with Menar and are in the process of opening or already opened a Menar Center
  • Owners, managers, or directors of Menar franchises
  • Teachers or applicant teachers who work for Menar franchises and assigned by franchise owners

Menar Certificate Program is provided only for Menar's current and will-be franchises. Individual applications are not accepted to the program.

Program Modules
  • Dual-hand Abacus Arithmetic and Mental Arithmetic
  • Philosophy of Menar
  • Theoretical and Practical and Pedagological study on conducting Menar classes
  • Introduction and use of Menar's resources
Program Calendar

Teachers' Certificate Program is held in English and Turkish languages in Mersin Head Office. It is also arranged in our franchises' premises in English and Russian languages. Program dates are announced on our website.

"A day spent with an excellent teacher is much better than a thousand days' work." Japanese Proverb