Menar® The Key to Great Brains

Brain is the home of intelligence. It is the source of our continuously increasing learning power, memory, attention, concentration, perception and imagination skills.

Menar is using the key to creating great brains. In our centers, we employ scientific methods to strengthen children's cognitive and academic performance. We believe that this excellent mental arithmetic program will help children to progress successfully in every aspect of their education.

Menar, with its excellent abacus mental arithmetic program is a candidate to become one of the most important educational trademarks in the world. Our program is presented through multimedia techniques in centers equipped with modern technology. We are proud to have established a remarkable system that will increase the intellectual and mental capacity of today's children who will build the future of our world.

Success will be the inevitable outcome of this powerful brain development program.

We are inviting you to join this brand new and fast growing organization and cooperation to spread Menar's brain development program across the world.

With my best wishes,

Halit Sen